Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The had a meeting about the Candaian National purchase of the EJ&E

For CN's take on the purchase follow the link.

Suffice to say it was an interesting and well attended meeting, Aurora is one of the communities that will be seeing more rail traffic as a result.

A bunch of folks spoke, one speaker almost made it sound like some sort of Canadian Conspiracy to take away American jobs...

I have to admit I am not really thrilled with the idea of getting caught more often at grade crossings and I understand why the cities that will see more rail traffic are not exactly thrilled. I also understand how their only real hope for preventing this is to get large numbers of folks involved.

They also handed out some form letters for people to send to their congressmen, nothing like a form letter to get action from an elected official.

I can understand why CN wants to buy the EJ&E as a business decision it makes complete sense and I can see how their plan would reduce Chicago rail congestion.

If I were CN (and I am not) I would try and figure out how I can use the Star line concept to my advantage in this situation (like make some guarnatees about that). To try an calm the local concern.


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Anonymous said...

I'd like to use a phrase from John Phillipchuck when he wants to ram a street through our town:

People resist change; but change is going to happen.

Same theory should apply here.