Tuesday, July 08, 2008

More Proof That He Doesn't Get it...

From the State Journal Register

“We need to move some of our operations to other parts of Illinois,” Blagojevich said in Harrisburg. This isn’t only about giving you guys a chance to be able to get some jobs,” he said. “It’s about also making sure that the operations of state government are positioned and apportioned fairly across our big, large and diverse state. And we need more of these operations in places like Saline County and in places like southern Illinois.

Later he argues about 'access'.

You know governor there is a solution for this, it is called field offices. They provide face to face services to those folks who need it close. You don't need nor does it make sense to move professionals all over the state, it just leads to extra costs and turnover.

I think we should all chip in so he can go for his MBA in night school or something so he can learn some management skills.


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