Sunday, July 20, 2008

What Rod Blagojevich Can Learn from Robert Kennedy

Just finished reading The Last Campaign: Robert F. Kennedy and 82 Days That Inspired America. A very interesting book, have to admit it was perhaps a little to worshipful of RFK but still a good read. I also realized that RFK may have provided some guidance for our own governor on how to get out of his current situation.

The Governors issues as I see them and the RFK answer.

-- Lack of Trust, and due to a lack of trust a lack of apparent feeling of sincerity.

The RFK solution:
RFK spent a lot of time talking with people without the media around, he would walk into a home on a reservation or a tarpaper shack in Mississippi and ask the aids and the media to stay outside. While he went in and really talked to people, this seems to have given him a lot of credability with the media and in turn made his statements on these issues have more weight with the media.

The Rod Action plan:
Stop using people as a media sheild and as a media backdrop. It gives you zero credability.
Start visiting real locations unannouced and without media that have been impacted by the budget cuts, sit down and talk and listen. Not in sound bites, real conversations. Over time this is going to get back to the media and to the legislative leaders.

-- The fact his administartion has made some mistakes.

The RFK solution:
Talked about his role and the role of the JFK adiminstration with Vietnam. He brought it up himself.

The Rod Action Plan:
Sit down with a group of reporters and talk about Tony (without mentioning Obama), the delays in pardons and clemency, etc. Admit you were wrong (yes I know this is a stretch for this guy but have some faith).

There is some more to come on this in particular on Health Care.


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