Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Well yet another mailer from Linda Holmes

If the state has such financial issues, why is it spending money telling me all of the things Linda Holmes has proposed.

For example today I got a mailer about all of the proposed road projects in her district, let me emphasize proposed, funny the mailer doesn't mention the lack of a capital plan...

Also I can't really tell who paid for this, it doesn't say if the state did or some other entity paid for it's printing and mailing.

I am used to getting one of these a year from my state rep and state senator (actually Linda Chapa-LaVia's is an interesting read). But two within a couple of weeks of each other from the same elected official?

Just aksin...


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Rob_N said...

GOP incumbents are spending that money on their own mailings. I've gotten two from my State Rep in recent months even though she's retiring. I like her, she's done a bang-up job representing our area, but if you're going to complain about your legislator doing it you ought to be complaining about members of the Republican Party doing it too.

That said, there ought to be some indicator of who paid for it on the mailer somewhere, if even only on the mailing indicia.

Pots, kettles, something about black.... ;)