Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Can a little ceramic statue change the political landscape in Aurora?

Well, under the heading of things I never thought I would write....

It looks like a 'Precious Moments' collection will have a major impact on the mayors race in Aurora.

Alderman and candidate for mayor Stephanie Kifowit received a donation of various precious moments figurines and other objects from the daughter of the founder of the precious moments company.....

Big deal you may say....

The collection is valued at $400,000

In the article it says she is going to try and sell them at events and craft shows, if I was her I would try to find a single buyer (or a few buyers) for the whole collection to get the money quickly.

Assuming she only nets 250 to 300K out of the whole deal, it puts her in front in the money race and also may keep some other possible candidates as well.

That's the thing about Illinois campaign finance rules one donor can be a game changer.


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Anonymous said...

Good luck with that $400K. Those pitiful figurines get no where near the reported collector value. Just look at eBay.