Sunday, September 28, 2008

I am aware of all Metra Traditions...

Since I am aware of all Metra Traditions I figured since ridership is up I would drop some knowledge on you all...

  • If there are still seats available on the uper deck don't sit on the stairway leading to the uper deck.
  • Don't say you are waiting for someone and hold a seat when it is obvious you just don't want someone sitting with because of their size, gender or race. It is really obvious.
  • If you are riding any sort of express train, don't put your stuff on the second seat. It's going to be needed poindexter.
  • It's ok to drink a beer on the train, but note it is cheaper to buy it at a drug store near the station instead of at the station.
  • Just accept the fact that sometimes the train is not going to stop in front of your part of the door clump. It does not give you the right to side shuffle into the door clump.
More to come, also open to suggestions.


Anonymous said...

For all you smokers - do you realize how bad you stink when you board the train?

Anonymous said...

Its OK for you to drink Beer in the train, eat in the train and of course read your newspaper, but when you are leaving please pick up your trash and drop it in the trash can. I usually ride train number 1285 from Chicago to route 59. By the time it reached route 59 beer cans and newspapers are rolling all over the train.

The second train number 1287 which leaves 30 minutes has limited number of stops, and relatively cleaner by the time it reaches route 59.

Anonymous said...

For those of you who dont rate them, but always sit in the handicapped seats, please move your butts

For those of you, legion, who place their briefcases on a seat next to them, think how it would be if you had to stand all the way home because someone did the same.