Sunday, September 14, 2008

I have to take the OpenLine guys to task...

The openline guys did an item about the Aurora mayors race recently and argued that Stephanie Kifowit isn't a legitimate candidate for mayor.

Sorry, totally wrong.  

I may not agree with her on the whole city manager thing but to argue that she isn't a legitimate candidate is just well, kind of silly.  She has raised money not bad money all things considered including some cash from non-traditional sources (like a transfer from Lou Lang a democratic state rep from Skokie).  She is out there working and has been doing some social networking things are are basically unheard of in local Aurora politics.

With the changes to election law unless we get to the 5 candidate mark 3 or 4 candidates may give Mayor Weisner a real advantage.  Then you just have to deal with that.

At this point I would argue that Stephanie has been much more active in campaigning that Rick (that is my perception, I may be wrong).  I am sure that is for a reason, Rick has always struck me as a man with a plan, something uncommon in politics sometimes. 

Suffice to say it's going to be an interesting race and so far all the candidates declared are in fact legitimate...

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