Saturday, October 18, 2008

Early Voted Today...

Some observations...

There were a surprising number of people lined up to vote, including a guy in an Obama shirt. That was a nice touch, funny how he had to turn it inside out, wonder who made that request.

Also to Obama shirt guy who declared 'I want to vote on a paper ballot because I want a paper record', dude the touch screen voting machines produce a paper record, you can even review it before your ballot is considered 'cast'.   So even with the voting machine it is virtually impossible for 'the man' to take your vote away or hide it.

Yes there are political folks involved as election judges and processing judges on election day, however with the touch screen voting it is about a million times harder to monkey with your vote than is was with punched cards. 

Finally I think I speak for everyone who works as a election judge, tally judge or party observer on election day when I say... I have yet to meet nor will I ever meet a single candidate for office who's election it would be worth me going to jail for. 



Anonymous said...

Are you suggesting -- by your comments on the Chapa LaVia/Solms race -- that you voted for the Democrat? :)

Mike Cetera

Linda Chapa LaVia said...

Do you support the East Aurora School District referendum? Why or why not?

No, with the extreme financial crisis our state and country is now experiencing and the sharp downturn in the economy. At this uncertain time, we cannot afford to add further to the tax burden facing families in school district 131. However, in the end, it is up to the voters on November 4th to decide.

OneMan said...


I consider my vote private.