Thursday, October 23, 2008


I have officially had it....

If this is what is going to pass for conservative and Republican discourse (saying that Obama is "Attempting to put a human face on an his otherwise cold and calculating persona") then we are in this state truly and completely toast as a political force.

I am not going to even touch the idea that I suspect for large number of voters the last thing Sen. Obama seems to have is a 'cold and calculating persona' (Literally the idea of a 'social mask'). If you really think he draws 100,000 in St. Louis because he seems like a 'cold and calculating person' then.....

If this is the most compelling argument (he is going to see his grandmother so he looks better) that someone can come up then we might as well pack it in and accept one party rule in this state for the next 20 years. Because I got news for you, this sort of stuff isn't going to get anyone elected to anything.

I have had it with the whole idea that apparently if you do not agree 100% with the conservative movement then you are not only un-American you are also sort of amoral mental midget. You know it is possible for rational, intelligent and moral people to come to a different conclusion on issue than you. It also turns out you can have intelligent conversations with folks who disagree with you, understand their perspective and use that understanding to tailor your arguments. It's called rhetoric.

Yes I disagree with liberals on a host of issues. Do I think they are un-American and/or stupid, no. Sometimes I think How to Win Friends and Influence People should be required reading for everyone trying to make a political point or get a candidate elected. The tweleve ways to win people to your way of thinking include.

  • Show respect for the other person's opinions. Never tell someone they are wrong.
  • Try honestly to see things from the other person's point of view
Give it a try sometime conservative bloggsphere...

You may not agree with the approaches that Sen. Obama wants to use to address issues, the difference between your approach and his approach is not a factor in how Anti-American he may be (he isn't btw) . The parts of America that are near cities and in cities are just as pro-America as the small towns of this country. Love of your nation is not predicated on population density. This sort of crud doesn't bring anyone to our side.

If all we can do is demonize and mock those who disagree with us and not offer logical compelling reasons why we are in fact our ideas and solutions are better we are truly lost. If the best we can come up with are pandering generalizations then we are toast. I got news for you folks this sort of red meat may be great for the folks who listen to conservative talk radio but they are not going to bring anyone else to the conversation. Does anyone really think this sort of thing is going to bring the Regan Democrats back to the party, going to bring Hispanics to the party, African Americans? I got news for you it isn't with the image Obama food stamps with KFC and ribs.

Yes I am using we because on many issues I agree with the conservatives. I certainly identify myself as a Republican. However if you do not conform to a strict view on every issue and/or look at some candidate and I go 'I can't support that guy' you instantly turn into a RINO. There is a place where you want everyone to agree on almost everything, where a hard defined consistent and unchanging dogma has it's place, it's called church not a political party.

It would seem that at least the conservative Internet voices in Illinois don't want to engage in ideas, they want to complain. The media is biased, Obama is exploiting his grandmother, oh look a high crime area is in a Democratic county.

Explain why the policies of the Democrats in Cook County lead to higher crime, show actual cause and effect, just don't imply it. People are not going to fall for that.

Before you go 'But the Democrats and those Liberals do all of that', let me just say "Who Cares?", would you let your kids get away with that reasoning. Who cares what the Liberals and Democrats do, we need to get arguments and viewpoints strong, we need to get our house in order. So the tornado skipped the house next door, that isn't our problem. Quit whining.

The way forward isn't talking about Obama's Grandmother (hope she starts doing better), biased polls or complaining about what books Obama is reading.

The sad thing is the non-shrill voices in this whole discussion get drowned out.

If we want to have an Illinois Republican party that has a chance a being much more than a joke in 5 years we need to start asking some hard questions and fine tuning our arguments. If that is going to be too much for some people, to moderate for some people than so be it.

Suffice to say at least OneMan has decided he isn't going to let his party go down to irrelevance without a fight. If you are interested send me an e-mail. We may likely fail but I really think we need to try.




Anonymous said...

As a Canadian liberal-democrat living in the US, I applaud your willingness to challenge the shrill and deafening noise that has emanated from many in the small-c conservatism movement in the US.

Reasoned intelligent discussions from the right, while I may not agree with them, prompt me to think about what I believe in, why I believe these ideas to be true, and how I would respond to the points of the other side's argument.

Labeling those who argue against your points in terms that remove the ideas from the argument, and simply vilify the points being made against your argument, moves it from an argument to a personal attack.

Bombastic, cartoonish characterizations of the opponent are a part of any election. It is a way to create an image of the opponent in the mind of your supporters. However, you must be prepared to back that up with a reasoned, point-by-point argument of how you will do better. And you will have to be prepared for your opponent to do the same.

Reason has been lost. And that is the largest defeat for the entire conservative movement.

Jess said...

What a great, well-written post this is. As a liberal, I may not agree with you on the issues, but I have always appreciated and respected the way you approach political discussions. Keep this up and you will go far. Very proud to know you. :)