Thursday, October 16, 2008

Got this via e-mail

Got this e-mail about Bill Foster

Good news, your congressional representative Bill Foster was a key vote in support of HR 6870, a bill to protect your right to play the great game of poker at the time and place of your choice.

With the help of Representative Foster, this common-sense reform legislation passed the important Financial Services Committee with a bipartisan majority of 30-19. Its provisions are simple. It will prevent federal bureaucrats from banning "unlawful internet gambling" until they can at least define what this phrase means. It will also require an economic impact study of the costs associated with this proposed, sweeping prohibition.

Please thank Representative Foster for standing up for you and millions of other poker enthusiasts.

  • Call Representative Foster today at 630-406-1114, and thank his for voting yes on HR 6870
  • Tell his that you are a constituent, voter, and proud poker player
  • Tell his that you are pleased that he stood up for your rights, and urge his to continue to support you and the millions of other fans of the great game

If Bill Foster is not your representative, we apologize for the error in our records. Please contact your representative regarding this issue.

Finally, tell your poker playing friends the good news, and let them know that they too can become part of the solution by visiting and become part of our growing grassroots movement.


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