Monday, October 06, 2008

OneMan writes another Ad or two.

Inspired by this bit of news..

Goodbye Local Pharmacy

(Video) Closed up small town Pharmacy with slow zoom in...

(V/O -- Woman Mid Thirties)
We used to have a pharmacy in town, the Driscals ran it for 60 years, Tim was the 3rd generation pharmacist in the family to run it.

Unfortunately after Governor
Blagojevich decided without approval from the state legislature the courts ruled that the state couldn't pay any of the bills for the prescriptions Tim provided under the plan. So Tim was left holding the bag, the state set up an insurance plan and since the governor decided to expand it without getting the OK from the state legislature it turns out the whole plan was invalid.

You figure the state wouldn't start a program that they wouldn't be allowed to pay benefits for. Well at least a normal state that is. This governor is great for the ideas without any way to pay for them.

So between that and how late the state was paying the medicare and Medicaid bills. Tim couldn't afford to stay in business anymore. So now I have to drive 45 minutes to get my kids asthma medication..

Is it just me or do you miss competent government as well?


Government Class

Video of teacher in front of classroom of middle school kids

Teacher : Very good. Now class, can the governor just spend money any way he wants.

Students : NO

Teacher : Why not...

Student One (Male): Umm, because the state legislature has the power of the purse, they decide how money is spent.

Teacher: Good, but where does that power come from...

Student Two (Girl): The state constitution

Teacher: Right can anyone tell me where in the state constitution is says that..

(Silence for a minute, then one hand goes up)

Teacher: Yes (insert name of candidate here)

Candidate Student:
Section 2 part b... The General Assembly by law shall make
appropriations for all expenditures of public funds by the
State. Appropriations for a fiscal year shall not exceed
funds estimated by the General Assembly to be available
during that year.

Everyone turns and looks at candidate/student..

Candidate Student: What?

Candidate: I may not have had section 2 memorized but just like you I learned what
a governor can and just importantly can not do. Unfortunately our current governor must
have fallen asleep or been listening to a cubs game on a transistor radio when this came
up in Junior High.

So we have ended up with a bunch of programs tied up in the courts because he felt
checks and balances was the arcade version of shoots and ladders.

When elected I will work with the legislature to get things done and I will remember why there are
three branches of government.

You deserve competent government....

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