Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Why if I was a Democrat I would be pissed at Linda Holmes...

I am not going to really bring up any votes and only one position that she has taken.

There is a very simple reason why if I was a Democrat I would be, in a word pissed. It seems as if she hasn't really tried all that hard to keep her seat.

Reason 1: Fundraising.

We will compare some first term state senators and the amount of cash they had on hand with the 6/30 D-2 Filing

Matt Murphy $103,728.86 Republican
Mike Frerich $74,408.82 Democrat (note: seat is not up in November)
Bill Haine $255,000.00 Democrat
Gary Forby $152,587.00 Democrat
Don Harmon $150,337.00 Democrat

Linda Holmes $49,793.96

Ok so she has not raised the funds that some of the other non-leadership folks have...

But lets look at their opponents
Peter Gutzmer $3,798.52 Challenging Matt Murphy
I can not find a challenger for Bill Haine
Ken Burzynski $17,982 Challenging Forby
I can not find a challenger for Don Harmon

Terry Wintermute $102,056.21 So Linda's challenger had twice as much cash on hand....

But you say, hey Linda Holmes has gotten a bunch of money and help the last few days. Yes, she has but I doubt highly there is another race to defend a democratic seat where that kind of outside money has come in. That sort of money is supposed to be used to pick up seats, not defend them. Not defend seats where the incumbent who should have been aware they were facing a tough re-election race gets significantly out raised by their opponent.

I am sure the SEIU, planned parenthood and the others who are now tossing money at this race would rather be spending their money someplace to add to the democratic majority, not defend a seat.

Bottom line, I would be pissed because money that would be helpful to picking up democratic seats is going to defend one because the candidate who holds the seat was either unable to unwilling to raise money like most of their fellow Senators.


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