Monday, November 10, 2008

If Linda Chapa-LaVia decides to run for Mayor of Aurora.

She would be really, really, really hard to beat. I think if she enters the race it is a complete game changer.   Why.

  • Name recognition.
  • Cross-Party popularity (look how well she did in the last election)
  • Ability to raise money.
  • Local connections, better than Stephanie's for sure.
  • Ask a Republican if they would prefer Linda or Tom Weisner
  • Will likely keep any other Gen-X candidate (think Richard Irvin) out of the race
  • If she were to lose for some reason it would have no real impact on her current status.
Why I think she will do it...

Because she can win and she will not have to spend as much time away from her family. Also a successful term or two as mayor of the second largest city in the state (and a very diverse one at that) might be a great stepping stone to bigger and better.  The longer she stays in Springfield the more she builds up a voting record and the harder it will be for her to move up.

If Tom Weisner doesn't run I would be shocked if she didn't.


Anonymous said...

You must not hang out with the same Republicans I do. They prefer Weisner over Chapa by a country mile. Many backed Weisner in the last election and will do so again if he runs.

Chapa is not going to run against Weisner. She will probably run if he does not and she'll have strong support in that scenario. In that same scenario, Irvin will run also. At least that's what he's telling people.

Anonymous said...

One Man: I agree and disagree with you on your list.

1. Name recognition: Yes, she does have strong name recognition -- agree

2. Cross Party popularity (look how well she did in the last election) -- disagree. This is a flawed argument because the Republicans have run terrible candidates against her. Get a good candidate and you'll see the republicans come out. Come on -- Joan Sloans? She's way out there -- give me someone to vote for and I will.

3. Ability to raise money -- yes, it will be all special interest money. Remember she has taken money from planned parenthood (Personal PAC) many times.

4. Local Connections -- there again goes along with #1.

5. Linda over Tom: Tom has shown he is incompetent; however, Linda is full of Michael Madigan, PAC money and Springfield politics. At least Tom is tries terribly to be a corrupt politician, I believe Linda and her husband are borderline unethical. Thus, I know I won't vote for her -- too much politician for my liking.

6. Keep other candidates away -- too late, read openline blog. Richard Irvin is in.

7. If she were to lose, it would have a big impact on her next election. She will be confusing the public and they will feel cheated of their vote for State Rep when she didn't want to be state rep. She will be engaged in a competitive election, which she has not had since she was first elected, and will have to defend her record of voting with Michael Madigan all the time and why she takes money from baby killers. It will be ugly.

Her next race will use that as a stepping stone. Thus, I want her to run. I want all her dirt to come out and then I want the Republican Party to grow some balls and find a worthy opponent so that we don't have to listen to her whinny "love fest" speeches all the time. Come on party -- we can find someone good to run against her and she will be damaged goods from this election!!!!

I am excited. Call her and tell her to run. We can beat her in 2010.

OneMan said...

Well here is my responses to your comments.

I guess I do talk to different Republicans than you do.

-- The second commenter

#2 Well we tried that, Bob O'Connor who had way better name recognition in town and even had Speaker Hastert campaign for him. He did better than the last two candidates but...

If she was beatable we would be able to get a better candidate to run against her.

#3 Money is money. If 'where the money comes from' was a big issue in this city then Tom wouldn't be mayor. Where the money comes from is major inside baseball. Most voters can care less.

#5 Have to disagree with you on that.

#6 Have to admit Richard deciding to get in is a surprise to me. I wish him luck and think he would make a good mayor. Also keep in mind she hasn't announced yet.

#7 There is a bunch of stuff here so...

I don't think it will have a big impact if she were to lose (difference of opinion).

As for the Republican's getting some stones and finding a 'real' candidate to run against her.

Dude e-mail me some names I am all ears. Trust me we have tried to find folks to run against her. With no luck...