Thursday, November 27, 2008

So is the Bill thing serious?

I sent some messages out asking folks to help out with the Bill movement on facebook and was asked the following question.

Is this serious?

I had to think about that answer a bit, because you know. Bill wouldn't be a bad choice for US Senator. His background in many ways would be a good fit and for what it is worth he would fill the whole idea of 'citizen senator' to a T. I think there is a lot in what Bill does today that would make him a good man for the job.

So bottom line, is this serious. No, but perhaps it should be.


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Frequent Reader said...

You bring up a good point. "Is this serious?" It happens all the time in politics; you get a great candidate -- regardless if they are republican or democrat -- and without the blessing of the powers to be they are not a serious candidate. We need to make sweeping campaign finance changes, and we need to start identifying good people who work for the will of the people, instead of their buddies. I am appalled with so many aspects of our political structure, but feel powerless to make the changes that are needed.

We need to be serious -- and the people can starting making real changes if they become motivated.