Monday, November 10, 2008

Some random post campaign thoughts

Some of these are sort of me venting but reguardless I think they all contain a bit of truth.

-- Linda Holmes, you won thanks to Obama not due to your 'Focus on better neighborhoods'

-- Bill Foster does not have 'it', yes he won and good for him. But I saw someone comment that Bill Foster has the same 'it' that Obama does, sorry no. Having seen Bill Foster live I have never seen a candidate go to his notes so much. There is something to be said for that, but 'it' is not one of them.

-- The fact that another congressional seat was not picked off in Illinois is a surprise to me.

-- Sometimes it is better not to run a candidate at all.

-- I think we should require all attorneys to work as election judges on election day as a bar requirement.



ArchPundit said...

Foster has it? Nice, competent guy, but he certainly doesn't have it.

Where did you see that?

Anonymous said...

Just how did Linda Holmes win because of Obama -- and yet all the other Kane County Seats (Chairman, Coroner, Auditor, Clerk) all remain in the hands of republicans? Did Obama only stay on the top of the ticket? If so, why did Biggert (R) get re-elected or McGuire (D) not get elected? Where was the Obama factor there. What we see is the fact that Aurora is a democrat town -- nothing more; nothing less.

OneMan said...

In response to the second comment...

First off, the senate district isn't just the city of Aurora by any stretch. In fact Terry Wintermute did about the same as all of the countywide Republicans did in town. (the difference is the countywide Republicans were all incumbents and besides for coroner the Democrats didn't really actively campaign) So she more than held her own in a 'Democratic' town.

Linda ran a poor campaign this time vs. last time. Poor fund raising.

Obama helped her in the southern part of the district. No doubt about it.

Sorry when you are the democratic incumbant in Aurora and you do worse the second time around against the same opponent that's bad. I would still argue the thing that didn't make it worse was Obama.

You are welcome to disagree.

B. Matilda said...

I think the Linda Holmes win is just showing how messed up this country is. She should not have won; she has done a terrible job. However, I don't see an Obama effect like everyone says. I think you stated it correctly, she was the incumbent, and no matter how you spin it -- they win 96% of the time. This just goes to show you don't have to do a good job to win; you just need to get your name on the ballot.