Thursday, November 06, 2008

Starting the Conversation....

Well lets start the conversation....

I think we need to agree on is the plan and approach whatever it may end up being has to work on the assumption that nothing bad happens to and with the democrats.

-- The Governor is not charged with any crime
-- The Obama administration is successful
-- The next primary season is a democratic love fest, no bloody battles

Do I think all of the above will come to pass, no. But we can't approach the future on the assumption that the wheels are going to fall off the democratic cart..

We have to have a real conversation and figure out what we can all agree on that we can use to reach out to voters.  In my opinion it isn't going to be social issues, I look forward to people convincing me I am wrong.  But we need to have a conversation not a shouting match. 

Much more to come.



Anonymous said...

You probably already know about this, but I thought about you when I saw it:

Bookworm said...

Don't abandon social issues, but don't make them the primary focus of every campaign either. Candidates who impress the electorate with their grasp of the issues they care about -- the economy, crime, schools, etc. -- will be more likely to have credibility when they address social issues.

I think both parties should define themselves more by economic issues than social ones, not because social issues are unimportant, but rather, because they are TOO important and too personal to be held hostage to party politics.

For example, I am pro-life and consider that an important issue, but it wouldn't bother me one bit if BOTH parties dropped abortion out of their platforms and left it up to individual candidates to make a stand.

I think any candidate who agrees with a party platform on economic and foreign policy issues should be welcome in the party. No more accusing people of being "RINOs" or imposing rigid ideological purity tests -- a strategy which obviously was the secret of Obama's success (not!)

Also, quit whining about how the "mainstream media" is persecuting us. Yes, I know their pro-Obama leanings were kind of obvious, but the chant of "media bias" can too easily become an all-purpose excuse for dismissing any kind of criticism or exposure of mistakes or wrongdoing.