Sunday, November 02, 2008

Updated: So who are you going to support for Seante President.

For the A-1's follow the link...

If your A-1 are they way I understand them they
on 10/31 shows 10K from Silverstein for Senator 
on 10/28 shows  5K  from Senator John Sullivan
on 10/26 shows 25K from Friends of Clayborn
on 10/23 shows 20K from Deep Blue Illinois (with Jeff Schoenberg as Chair)
on 10/16 shows 10K from Friends of Don Harmon
on 10/9 shows 35K from Friends of Clayborn
on 10/8 shows 100K from the Senate Democratic Victory Fund. (with John Cullerton as Chair)
on 9/22 shows 15K from Friends of Clayborn 
on 8/30 shows 10K from Friends of Don Harmon

You have to wonder since most of them seem to be named as candidates for Senate President. How you are going to say no to some of them if you get re-elected and it's time to figure out who you are going to support for support for president. How is someone who gave you 70K or 100K going to respond if you support someone else for president.

That's one of the downsides of not doing your own fund raising...


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