Tuesday, December 09, 2008

A bunch of questions out of today's charges-

With the charges on Governor Blagojevich some questions come up.

-- What impact does this have on the 2016 Olympic bid. Major final bid documents are going to be due during the time before any trial and the vote and consideration may match up with a trial.

-- There is talk they may get his competency judged by the state supreme court. Is he in fact, nuts?

-- If the house and senate pass a quickie law to change how a US Senate vacancy is filled, will he sign it? Will he sit on it for 60 days then veto?  Will he still try and fill the seat?

-- What happens if he names a replacement senator tomorrow?

-- Can the house impeach just using the  'impeachment memo' that the house democrats put together?

-- Will the house go for an impeachment? If so when?

-- Can the governor even remotely at this point, govern?

I suspect he is going to fight every step of the way, if the motivation we seem to see in the criminal complaint is accurate, he will hold on for as long as he can, because without the governorship he has nothing...

In better times it might be interesting to watch this, during times like we are having now, not so much.

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