Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I guess I can say I was right

I wondered what would happen if he did this all the way back on the 10th

NPR had both Jim Thompson and Jesse White agreeing that not signing the form would not be enough to stop anything.

On Rod's part this is a brillant move, seriously what does he have left to lose at this point. He might as well go down fighting, get removed from office and do his best to try and beat the federal rap.  If he manages to do that, he can run again and try to build off of a base of African American support.

You heard Bobby Rush today.  That is what it is going to become, it's Rod's last best hope.  Perhaps his only hope.  His hail Mary pass. 

If he is going to politically survive this (and I strongly suspect he thinks he can)  he has to do a complete slash and burn at this point.  He has to take out as much of the legislature as he can, look forward to awkward personal stuff to come out about memebers. 

He just flipped the entire general assmebly the bird and has made it clear he will do what needs to be done to win.   He will destroy state government if they let him all in a bid to save himself.


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