Sunday, December 07, 2008

It's kind of sad to see this in the town where I grew up.

I still don't understand why a town of  25,000 people needs an inspector general. 

When I was a kid the politics of Dolton were not even remotely this rough and tumble, why?  Well I think in large part it was because the spoils of winning were not remotely worth it.  It was a small suburb (more Republican when I was a kid).  Now it seems to be the center of some sort of political power structure that people seem to think is worth a lot of effort to maintain.

I have been around the process long enough to understand that the spoils of office are obviously worth it in the eyes of some and I know enough about what goes on now in the area where I grew up to understand that these battles are part of a much larger picture.

That all being said, how in the heck does any of this help anyone in Dolton. The simple fact is it doesn't and that is what depresses me about all of this.

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