Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Now here is a simple question...

If Congressman Jackson was talking to the feds about Gov. Blagojevich for years, why in the heck would he want that same man to appoint him to the US Senate?

If I thought someone was up to something that was going to get him in trouble the last thing I would want to do is count on that guy to move my political career forward.

-- to respond to the one commentor,  then perhaps you decided being appointed US Senator isn't worth the path you need to take.


Wayne Parker said...

My thoughts exactly. Maybe he didn't have clout to fully do something about removing the governer earlier and would rather deal with the devil and environment he knows than to throw a monkey wrench into something that might jepordize his political ambitions. I do agree with you tho, it sounds weak.

Anonymous said...

I have an answer...maybe it's because the governor is the only person that could appoint a senator in this case. WHy all the scrutiny to find a scandal? The only peson wrong in this is the governor. Stop trying to ruin others reputation. Hes the governor for goodness sake. You can't avoid him at all cost. You are forced to work with him.