Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sneed mentions another senate option

You know you figure she would try and avoid this now.. But here it is.
Is Chris Kennedy, the son of the late, great U.S. Sen. Robert F. Kennedy, a possible entrant on the list to fill Presidentelect Barack Obama's Senate seat?

• To wit: Sneed hears Kennedy's name has been wafted into the inner circle of Lt. Gov. Pat Quinn, who would be the guy who chooses Obama's replacement if Gov. Blagojevich resigns

Oh please, please, please Pat, give us Chris Kennedy, east coast prep school, Stroger transition team leader (according to wikipedia) merchandise mart president. He will play really, really well downstate in two years also great in the collars.  Heck tie him to Stroger and he will even play well in Cook County.

Also nothing like replacing a US Senator who became president in one of those truly American stories about how hard work, education and determination can lead to great heights in this country with a guy who was born into wealth and a political dynasty. 

Heck he might be a decent senator, I just think we could beat him in two years when it came re-election time. 


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