Sunday, December 07, 2008

Sorry Eric, your wrong

Zorn has a piece about Amy Jacobson and talks about how she deserves a 'pardon from her past'

I think some of what gets written about her situation comes from a 'there but for the grace' perspective which is understandable.  

However this part of her original lawsuit should scare the heck out of any journalist.

Jacobson's lawsuit initially named as defendants CBS-2, Stebic's neighbor Tracy Reardon, and Weldon, the journalism professor. (The claims against Weldon were later folded into the claims against CBS-2; she is no longer being sued individually.)

The idea that someone who offered an opinion to a reporter about a subject could later get sued seems like it would have a chilling effect on anyone offering a professional opinion.  I guess I don't understand why the journalists havent talked about that.

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Anonymous said...

Tracy simply opened her door to a reporter with a camera. You have a "missing neighbor and friend" and you become accustomed to news reporters in the neighborhood, let one in your home and then are named in a lawsuit?

You are correct....ONE MAN.....Amy is not the victim here.