Monday, December 15, 2008

Steve Lord at the Beacon goes off the deep end...

And suggest Linda Holmes for the senate vacancy...

One of the main reasons for her success is she is a tireless worker. She knows how to organize a grass-roots campaign and is willing to do what it takes to make it work -- which is to get out and meet voters face to face.
She also does her job in the Senate, and does it with an independent air. She has fought for approval of the new hospital in Plainfield, although that has caused some bad feelings among Aurora hospitals. Since she represents both Aurora and Plainfield, she had to choose what she thought was right.

Wow, where do I start with this.

Grass Roots... Meets with folks, face to face. You know I saw Terry Wintermute at least three times at the Rt 59 train station during this election cycle, I didn't see Linda Holmes once. She didn't even file her petitions for the primary on the first day of filing, grass roots campaigning my behind. How about her June D-2 that only showed two contributions from individuals neither of whom live in her district.

Independent Air... Was it that independent air that came through we she voted in favor of gaming expansion because Penn National said it was ok?

Perhaps it was her handling of the Indian Prairie quick take? Oh yeah that's right she didn't move it forward at all.

I mean come on, the Tribune, Sun Times and the Daily Herald all endorsed Terry Wintermute in November. Not really a sign that Linda was doing a heck of a job now is it?
The reason for her success is the tidal wave that overtook Republicans in this state. Nothing more, nothing less.
Yes I am a partisan Republican, but still. I can name valley Democrats who would make much better US Senators. Linda Chapa-LaVia for starters and Tom Weisner would be much better picks among local Democrats. 

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