Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Thoughts on impeachment...

Well it sounds like tomorrow they are going to talk about JCAR and have Bill Holland talk about the various state audits that have occured during the Blagojevich administration.  Don't know how Ed Genson is going to deal with that, it's one thing to aruge like it is a court (when it isn't) when it comes to the federal stuff.  However don't know how you argue against Blagojevich being incompetent as governor.

Also the idea floated of challenging the state impeachment standard in Federal Court is a long shot at best in my opinion. I don't see the feds hearing a case about a state consitution. 


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Marie said...

What about a challenge in state court? Obviously Genson hasn't thought of that. I think he's just bluff and bluster to stall the process.