Sunday, January 25, 2009

For those who have seen Governor Blagojevich on the TV the last couple of days...

Please note: Governor Blagojevich is not Gandhi, Mandela or Dr. King. It is insulting to these men and their legacies that he even references them, they were concerned about the well being on others, our governor is only concerned about himself and moving himself forward.

He rants about a political-industrial complex. Keep in mind he has raised more money that anyone else in Illinois political history, contributions without limits, contributions from folks who a short time later were appointed to important state boards. He is the epitome of whatever the heck a 'political-industrial complex' is.

Ask about the signs over the tollway that have his name, ask about the number of times he has brought out schoolkids, seniors and the disabled to score cheep political points.

He has sidestepped the checks and balances of government in order to help bankrupt the state and because it suited his purposes. There is a reason our system of government has three branches, there is a reason why leaders compromise to get things done.

He acts if he is surprised that he was charged with a crime. Everyone and I think it is safe to say everyone who follows politics in this state knew the day would come when he would be charged with a crime. He may act shocked, if he was he was the only one.

However all of us where shocked by the senate seat stuff, we never figured he would be that brazen.

He is trying to get your sympathy, he is trying to get your pity, he is trying to convince you he is the victim in all of this. It's a lie. The victims of this are the people of Illinois and they have been this man's victim long before he tried to sell a US Senate seat.

Don't fall for his act...


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