Thursday, January 01, 2009

What Happens Next with the Burris Saga.

Sometime before Burris goes to Washington to try and get sworn with the newly elected senators you are going to have the following happen.

The fully scripted part....
Bobby Rush takes the rhetoric up to 12 on race, making really outrageous statements. As in above the fold, top of the news statements about the appointment and anyone who dares oppose it.

There is a decent chance that Bobby Rush and a group of others will make a scene when Burris is turned away from the senate swearing in.

You will then have Rolland Burris go out and talk about how this isn't about race at all and start to distance himself from Bobby Rush.

This makes Rolland look 'statesman' like.

The Not as Well thought out by Rod and Rolland part

Most likely as I am typing this folks in the Democratic Senate Caucus, The Illinois GOP, The Chicago Tribune, The Sun Times and at least a half dozen political nerds are cross checking Burris donors, Blagojevich donors and state contract holders. Also looking at donations that just go across the two of them. Not to mention donations by Burris' lobby and business clients.

Also Illinois Democrats are likely beating the bushes to find anyone who has a beef with Burris at this point. Don't worry there are folks out there you can't be in politics in this state that long without you ending up with folks who have a beef with you.

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