Monday, February 02, 2009

If you can't resist the mausoleum salesman should you be in the senate?

In today's Trib Senator Burris explains how the mausoleum happened..

"The manager of the cemetery said, 'Mr. Burris, your accomplishments are too many to let them not be known to young people.' And he convinced my wife and I that that's what should be done," he said. "I questioned it and my wife questioned it, and we knew there would be that type of reaction, but we said we would be willing to overcome the cynicism of the press in order to let it be known for future generations."

So let me get this right, because some guy played to your ego you decided to build yourself a monument? I would suggest you stay away from lobbyists then, because if a cemetery manager can talk you into that just imagine what a guy from the banking industry could do..

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