Thursday, March 12, 2009

A Few Thoughts on the Forum

I was able to only catch the end of the mayoral forum tonight, but I have some general thoughts.

Mayor Weisner seemed way to defensive, yes I know it's two on one, but he didn't need to fight back imho.  It gives the feeling that he thinks they are real threats.

Stephanie came accros better than I expected, I was also surprised that the others viewed the city manager idea as a sign of weakness of Stephanie's part.

Richard did a decent job as well, some of the same themes from last time.

Got my first mailer today on the race, from Tom about crime.  It was interesting the two cops featured in the ad had either fake or blurred patches on their sholders but one of the pictures was in front of an Aurora police car.  But the message was very effective.


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Antón said...

I was there. I thought Stephanie clearly won the night. I'm willing to bet most people there had their minds made up already so I'm not sure how effective these debates really are.