Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Now is when we stop talking about Rolland

He isn't going to step down and we are not going to force a special election, so lets let it go for now. We want him to run for re-election, we want awkwardness within the Democratic party, we want ministers and others to talk about how this is 'their seat'.

We want an ugly primary, continually attacking Rolland Burris isn't going to get us an ugly primary. Keeping quiet why he goes about being senator while Alexi and others step up to also run is going to give an ugly primary. Does anyone think that everyone else will sit it out and just let it be a race between Alexi and Burris? If Democrats did that then we would be talking about Senator Hynes and State Senator Obama...

Nope kids, this is going to get ugly without our help.

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