Sunday, March 15, 2009

SB600, Seriously?

Now is the time you want to have this fight? With a Democratic governor removed from office a US Senator he appointed under a cloud, the HDO trial so now is the time you want to do this?

Now is the time you want to refer to Republican leaders as “self-serving, officious, lying, arrogant thugs”?

They like to trot out the Keyes example as what is wrong with the central committee. Does anyone remember the Air Ford One guy or the other folks who were looking to run. Can you name anyone who held a Republican elected office offering to step up to run, a single state rep, a single state senator?

Didn't think so... Yes Keyes was a bad pick, but without someone willing to take one for the team what choice did they really have?

Also last time I checked really conservative wing of the party, Alan was sort of your guy, not Judy's..

Sorry I just don't get it. Do people really think that having folks spend raise and spend money to become a central committeeman is a worthwhile use of time and effort in moving the party forward, is it worth it to have a state central committee dominated by elected officials or folks with name recognition?

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