Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Some Actual Budget Suggestions...

Keno -- Yes I have written against this, a big part of me thinks it's a bad idea. But it would raise some cash and could increase some sales of other things at restaurants, bars, etc.

South Side Casino --

Put it in the city or Cal City or Dolton ( I have good locations just off the Bishop Ford) off of Dante avenue. No one from Illinois should feel the need to go to a casino in Indiana. We have given them a free pass for too long.

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A change in the write-off for local property taxes. Set a limit on it, if you are paying a ton in local property taxes odds are it's because your house is worth a fortune. Keep the full deduction for seniors, everyone else it goes down at some number.

Seriously Review and downgrade possession prison terms. I would rather keep dealer McDope in jail as well as the armed robber, gun crime guy, etc in longer than have to let them go because we have to make space for fools who do lesser stuff. Reduce corrections costs.

Lease the Toll Road -- Only condition is that the proceeds are used in large part to fill at least some of the state pension hole. Also it's a completely open process.

Increase On-Line options at State Schools -- It's cheaper to deliver some classes electronically. Give each university a goal of 5% on-line in 3 years.

Eliminate redundant state university programs: Do we really need more than one state school offering a Russian major? Do we need virtually every school offering a history major?

Start forcing school district consolidation: Reduce some admin overhead and spread the costs over larger areas. Yes, this is going to really piss some people off. But it needs to be looked at.

Railroads: Don't know if they pay property taxes or not, if they don't perhaps it's time they did. If they do, perhaps they should pony up a bit more.

Income Tax: .50% increase for only 3 years, has to be approved to be continued.

Elimination of Government Units: Yeah I know good luck with this but we need to look into it.

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