Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The folks who spoke with our group

I would like to say thanks to the folks who spoke with our smaller group....

Rep. Chapa-LaVia (Offered a host of useful advice on moving our issue forward)
Rep. Durkin (Listed intently and offered suggestions as well)
Rep. Schmitz (Big hit with our group, sort of caught him in the hallway)
Rep. Cross (Got to go into his office, took questions from the kids gave some nice historical perspective on the legislature and what is going on)
Rep. Hatcher (Only caught a little bit of her time with the kids, she spoke with them for a while)

Also those folks who spoke to our larger group

Jerry Stermer (kids listened really well, talked about education and gave some flu advice)
Sen. Rutherford (talked to the kids before Jerry showed up, had to address a more spread out crowd and did it so everyone could hear him. Also reminded them about the Presidents who walked in the legislature here in Illinois and asked a bunch of questions of the kids)

So from OneMan thanks...

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