Monday, April 06, 2009

Well Tom is going to get re-elected tomorrow.

I think that is inevitable, there are no two ways around it Tom is going to get a second term. As a someone who was often critical of Mayor Weisner I have to say he deserves it.

The murder rate is down significantly (it sort of matches Naperville now)... Downtown looks better than it did 4 years ago, it's easier dealing with the city, in general things are better. I still think not saving the drive-in was dumb but I have to admit Tom exceeded my expectations and I don't have a problem with him having a second term.

I think Stephanie and Richard would be fine mayors, but sort of like in boxing, if you want to win the championship you have to beat the champ, not just match the champ. I don't think Richard nor Stephanie has delivered the knockout punch.

Richard has been working the tax angle, got some mail on it as well as a phone call today but you know compared to what I am paying the school district the the property taxes I pay to the city is tip money. Also I have to admit besides gas and dining out, I don't really spend much in Aurora. So the sales tax increases hasn't really impacted me.

Stephanie has done really well in the forums and I have been impressed. But as my brother put it, when she argues the city manager think it seems like she is saying she isn't up to the job of mayor...


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Antón said...

Crime is down throughout the state, should we give Blago credit for that? Its funny that the police don't support Weisner and yet he still takes credit for their work.