Sunday, April 12, 2009

You know...

When a candidate gets re-elected after having his law license suspended for a 'specified period of time' during his term, you start to wonder why you even bother running candidates.

If you all are going to vote just on party labels then you deserve the government you get.

If someone missing a host of township board meetings is not news, then perhaps at some level the local newspaper may not be worth having around any more.

You know guys, I get why you didn't report the Foster stuff, I understand why you didn't report stuff about that one aldermatic candidate a while back.

But seriously, why isn't a public official's attendance record at public meetings news?


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Anonymous said...

Whine about the Beacon all you like. It doesn't matter.

Buzz Foley didn't campaign at all and wasn't known outside his small circle to begin with.

And, funny, I don't remember you wringing your hands publicly about ARDC suspensions in the most recent judicial race.

Face facts. It's a partisan race. Democrats will vote for Democrats. (See Blagojevich, Rod.) Republicans will vote for Republicans. Democrats outnumber Republicans in Aurora Township. And the margin is growing.

Now you and Bill Wyatt and Rick Lawrence can start campaigning for the need to make township races non-partisan so you folks might win a seat down the road. Good luck with that.