Saturday, May 30, 2009

How Senator Sandoval Reminded Me Why I am really suspicious of this tax increase

Listening to Senator Sandoval talk about how everyone and the brother 'took it in the pants' due to George Bush and that is why we had to raise taxes....

The idea that past actions of the legislature had nothing to do with why we are in this situation is perhaps the biggest reason why I am suspicious of these tax increases.

You folks decided to go along with the Governor when he did all these stupid budget tricks to avoid saying no to anyone, to allow the expansion of programs without any increase in revenue. We all knew this 'we need to raise taxes' day was going to come. To blame a president who is out of office, is a bit of a stretch.

But the bigger issue is that I really think these folks don't see any of this as being any of their doing at all. The fact we have no real rainy day fund to tap to help deal with this, the fact we underfunded pensions because we didn't want to deal with the issues there is not the fault of George Bush, it isn't the fault of Joe Voter. It is at it's most basic the fault of the folks in Springfield in the legislature. Because it was easier to avoid reality than deal with it.

It's not so much I have a problem sending you more money (not a big fan of that btw) but that I don't really think I can trust you to spend it in a logical way. Yes, I understand that pure logic is not they way government works and you have to make deals to get things done. But over the last 6 years you basically would let Rod when on this budget BS because you either didn't want to or couldn't stand up to him. So when we could have done something about this earlier we didn't, making the problem that much worse now. The fact you don't seem to understand that worries me. It like you spent a bunch of money, had your salary cut and want some of your salary back because it was the cable company's fault for adding QVC and making you spend all of that money.

If you had even done something a little more real and a little less easy to game on the ethics/fund raising side would have given me a little more trust. Better still something about redistricting.

Bottom line: I understand the state needs more revenue, I just don't know if I can trust the folks in Springfield to allocate it.


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