Saturday, May 30, 2009

How you could game Video Poker in Illinois

Well let me first start by saying flat out I haven't read the rules of implementation of video poker if it does happen because I can't really find them.  So using the basic idea behind video poker I am going to explain how I think with the cooperation of the local officials in your town you can create a small video poker casino.

First some basic assumptions.

Your local government will cooperate with you.
The state will not necessarily require a licensed facility to serve alcohol (even if it is licensed to do so)
Just because you serve alcohol and sell alcohol doesn't mean anyone has to buy it

Option one (The City wide lodge)

You get every local fraternal group to open a joint facility (no need to close their current one), the facilities all share a common space but have 'serving' booths on the outside.  Heck create some additional fraternal organizations (even a small town may have 5, a bigger one could end up with 10 easy)... So you have 40 or 50  machines and 10 'booths' that sell alcohol (perhaps only one sells it at a reasonable price) .  BTW you give a cut to the organizations that are giving you cover.

Work on your own option

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Anonymous said...

It is good that you stated that you had not read the legislation. The video gaming bill in Illinois was carefully written after seeing some of the mistakes of other states that in some cases did lead to problems for individuals and the communities.

First you would not be able to 'game' the system as you descibe. To qualify as a veterans or fraternal organization license the 'National' charter would have to already have been in place for 5 years.

The existing organizations are required to follow the rules of their national charters and they simply would not allow the situation you descibe.