Monday, May 04, 2009

So can Meeks do it?

There is talk again that Senator Meeks might run for Governor. I thought last time there was talk about this that Senator Meeks had a real shot. I still think he does.

How can he do it?

Make the argument about social justice and convince people the the suburbs and south of I-80 of two things.

In the short and long run poor urban education is going to cost them money.

That rural education suffers because of the current state funding model.

Convince virtually everyone that their kids and their communities are getting jerked over under the current funding model.

Build a full ticket:
Run an entire slate covering all statewide offices, even some leg races if he can pull it off. Show the rest of the state that you are not running a Chicago ticket, something that the Democrats will likely be unable to show. Get folks from downstate on your ticket.

Reach out to existing party members

People are sick of Republican and Democrats in this state. I think people are ready for an alternative, this is a unique window of opportunity that will likely never come again in the next 20 years. A chance to create a political movement if not even a political party.

Reach out to disaffected Republican and Democrat party activists. On the Republican side folks in the middle of party who are sick of the far right screaming they are not being listened to. On the Democratic side, there are a host of activists who feel there is no state party that is willing to listen to them.

Don't run from the minister thing

You are a minister, embrace that. It can work as a huge advantage. I think there is a host of voters who are looking for leadership that has a faith component that talks about what we can do for each other to lift each other up. Not one that nags...


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