Thursday, June 18, 2009

Today's Protest At The Thompson Center.

Well you can call what the governor is doing with the current budget situation, but I can say one thing for sure.

People do seem to be scared, really scared.

The last protest at the Thompson Center seemed to have more people who have a paycheck that would be impacted by cuts. This protest seemed to have more people who were going to be impacted by services cut. The disabled, elderly, kids were there is some numbers. Also I noticed several domestic violence organizations/agencies this time around and they were delivering a strong message, perhaps I have a bias on that one because of my size or something the idea of being physically violent to someone smaller and weaker is wrong at it's most basic level.

I think these folks are going to be your strongest advocates to reach out to those who voted against the tax hike.

It's easy for suburban mom or dad to see a story like they had in the Beacon yesterday about funding being cut to a organization that helps people file for benefits with the state. A lot of folks don't ever see themselves or someone they know needing that sort of help.

A domestic violence shelter however is something everyone can see not only a need for but likely knows someone who has had to deal with that issue directly.

The number of people protesting who you felt had never protested anything before in their life was much higher too.


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