Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Caught Adam Andrzejewski at a meet the candidate thing tonight.

Well here is his website.

Overall I was kind of impressed. I was looking to see if he came across as creditable and he did. He answered some policy questions with answers with more detail than you would expect someone to use at this point in the game.

I am going to try and listen to everyone running before I make up my mind but he did a decent stump speech and answered questions for over an hour. The crowd was a combination of Ron Paul fans and libertarians to some degree so not all of the questions where the ones you would hear at a rotary javascript:void(0)club. He handled the questions well and came across as generally creditable, kind of what he really needs to do with groups at this point. At one point the questioning got a little back and forth (on drug policy) and he was able to deal with that as well.

Got the impression he is going to start doing some radio ads soon.

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Anonymous said...

I heard his radio ad on WIND (560 AM). I'm impressed! I agree with him that we need leaders from outside the political class.