Sunday, July 26, 2009

Looking at the HB0255

Still trying to make the numbers work....

Lets use South Datoka as an example since they have about a 50/50 spilt.

They had 8,969 terminals in FY 2008 with a new Machine income of $224,661,209, so lets figure out net revenue per machine ($25,048)... So the state gets $12,524 (the numbers don't quite match because they don't show the .5% the state lottery gets to cover operating costs)

In FY 2007 (same document as above) they had 8,859 maches and at net machine income of $222,815,702, so net revenue per machine of $25,151 with a state cut of 12,575.

In FY 2006 (same documeent) 8,716 machines $221,535,661 in net machine income or $25,417 per machine with a state cut of $12,708.

So using SD numbers in the best of the last three years so a machine revenue of $12,708
to hit a 375,000,000 you would need 29,508 machines running for a full year to hit that number of machines in a year you would need to deploy about 81 machines a day every day for a year.

Lets be a more optimisitc lets assume machine revenue for the state of $15,000 per machine, in that case you need 25,000 machines to hit that number in a year you need to deploy about 68.5 machines a day for 365 days.

To hit the optimistic number of $540,000,000 in state revenues at $15,000 per machine you would need to have 36,000 machines.


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