Sunday, August 02, 2009

If you are serious about openness with video poker in Illinois

Then here are a few suggestionions....

A completely open application process..

Every part of the application that you could FOIA to get should be made available on the web, not only in a pdf but also in csv format as well.

This would include status of the application and when the application was filed.

It would be a way to insure that people are not getting advantages during the application process.

Raw Machine Data

Since the machines will have to report back electronically. Why not make that raw data available for download by anyone who wants it.

Ideally it would be every bet on every machine, how much, where, when, what was won, etc.

That would put some sunshine on the process.

Local Revenue Data

Every check cut for the local revenue portion of this bill should be on line as soon as it is cut and downloadable in csv format. Let folks see how much their local governments are getting.

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