Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Is DuPage County and others voting down video poker a bad thing...


For a couple of reasons.

The most obvious reason is the reduction in revenue for the capital program which is going to have a real impact on the capital program. Since I still think it is going to take longer to have video poker running than most people think. After all you still can't apply for any sort of license and and the state is still in the RFI stage when it comes to the central communications system for video poker. Also you have to register to view the RFI, whats up with that. Doesn't say open government to me.

Also the longer it takes to get everything up and running (I would suspect you will not see the first machine until November at the earliest) the easier it will be for the second point to come into play.

It is now politically ok to vote against gambling. At one time not too long ago this would have caused real political problems for folks. Yeah most locations would sell their mom for a casino, but the idea that counties are seriously considering banning this shows how things have changed politically. I am not really sure if it is a bigger gaming backlash, strong feelings about video poker or what. But if 10 years ago I had told you there was a chance cook county and several of the collar counties would even think about taking a pass on video poker I would have said you were nuts.

It would have been interesting to see if the local take was 20% or 30% how many places would say no....


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