Monday, September 14, 2009

RIP Dr. Borlaug.

You know, every couple of years if not even more often the state legislature passes some law where kids have to learn about some massacre, about how some group was mistreated or how the United States acted like a jerk in some way shape or form....

As a graduate of an Illinois elementary school, middle school, high school, university and a private university for grad school I had never heard of Dr. Borlaug until a couple of years ago.

He won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1970 for his work on food production. He helped feed billions of people and as a result promoted security around the world. Because a hungry people are a insecure people.

For more on Dr. Borlaug check out wikipedia.

So here is my idea folks....

Every 2 years, public schools in Illinois at the grade, middle and high school levels have to spend one hour teaching about Dr. Normal Borlaug and show students how with science and dedication great things can be done.


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