Monday, September 07, 2009

So a new format and a better Beacon News

Well that is what Denise Crosby is saying..

And it means a more aggressive attitude in covering the important and tougher issues. More news analysis. More in-depth stories. More investigative journalism.

And just to show you we've put our money where our mouth is, we've even formed a team of investigative reporters that will keep a sharp eye on government. After all, those are your tax dollars on the line.

Well I am going to take the Beacon at it's word and since I know some folks from the Beacon peek over here from time to time I have a few places they can start being "more aggressive attitude in covering the important and tougher issues"

Some of this is older stuff, some more recent.

before the first item... Start blogging again!!!

First: The Indian Prairie building site process. Sorry but the Daily Herald smoked you guys on this one. Find out why the letter was sent to the power company about their land, find out why quick take went nowhere in the state senate. I think you can do this story without crossing 'that line'... Regardless the pull back on quick take caused the taxpayers money, the failure of the first try on the second site cost taxpayers money, the delays cost the taxpayers money. Get cracking...

Secondly: The hotel rejection in Aurora, have you found anyone who isn't either involved with a local hotel or local government who thinks this was a good idea? I doubt it. There is more to the story here, go find it. Heck, have some folks pose as investors looking to do business in town and see how the city treats them..

Third: Tiff money, figure out who in the city of Aurora gets some portion of the sales tax they collect given back to them. What were the terms of the deal they signed with the city, are they holding up to their end of the bargain? Regardless I think people in Aurora who love to know how much sales tax that is collected is given back to businesses every year. How about a top 10 list? Time to start filing the FOIAs...

Take every local elected official (Republican and Democrat) and figure out how much of the money they raise comes from within their district, how much of it comes from people (not companies or PACs). I bet the numbers will surprise you, I know your readers would be interested.

What the heck happened with the Paramount and it's leadership change.

That's should keep you busy for a little while.


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