Wednesday, September 23, 2009

So Richard Irvin wants every Alderman to Come up $1,000,000 in revenue

Well since the the Alderman asked...

I will offer up some revenue ideas, but mostly cost savings ideas (since I am a Republican after all)... Also I am not an alderman but if I was (God help us all), this is what I would come up with.

Revenue ideas
1) Charge every attorney who practices in town a $1,000 license fee. Since the city wants to start charging other businesses in town a license fee (hotels, towing companies, auto repair shops), why not do it to attorneys. Lets say that will come up with $75,000

2) If you car dealership has license plate frames that have the word Naperville in them and your dealership is not in Naperville (and you get some sort of tax break from Aurora) then there is a $100 tax on every car you sell. Lets call that $10,000

3) Set up a sting operation to catch folks taking the left hand turn out of the west enterance/exit to the Rt 59 parking lot. Lets call that $5,000

So I have $90,000 in new revenue.


Ward funds cut in half to $290,000 per ward and it is only spent on roads. No more money for speakers, block parties or trophies. Saved $290,000

The mayors office doesn't need a spokesperson (reguardless of what title you give the person). Saved $75,000

Cut Mayor's salary to $1 (or have him return it, so it does not impact his pension, I am not heartless). Saved $100,000

End all of this green initiative stuff we spend money on every year. Saved $100,000 (that's a guess)

Have police cadets and non-violent commuinity service time serving folks move stuff to the new police station. Savings $25,000 (guess)

I am only at $680,000 but it's a start

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