Monday, October 26, 2009

Interesting Times in the 25th State Senate District

Well Senator Lauzen has a primary opponent. Sugar Grove Mayor Sean Michels. He does not seem to have a committee registered with the state board of elections yet. He also is not the first creditable primary challenger that Senator Lauzen has faced over the past 10+ years. However this time things might be a bit different. Why?

  • Well there is still some bad blood over the congressional race in the 14th. So some folks who might have helped Chris out are going to likely sit on their hands and their checkbooks.
  • He had some quotes about public service that will make some great mailers....
  • Most of his district is west of Aurora, folks might feel someone from Sugar Grove might 'get' them better.
  • The Solheim Cup provided a lot of visibility to Sugar Grove, giving the mayor and the trustee who was the contact person for the city with the LPGA (more on that later) a lot of new contacts and exposure. Also a chance to get tight with a rather wealthy local...
Also you have Sugar Grove Trustee Melisa Taylor challenging Bill Wyatt in the primary for county board seat 5. Search Melisa Taylor at the Daily Herald, more than one feel good story about her there.

So you have two Sugar Grove officials who are challenging Republican incumbents in a primary. I don't think this is a coincidence kids, it might be. But I think two elected officials from the same smallish village don't take on two incumbents in a primary in a vacuum.

If nothing else, each will help the other in terms of generating turnout in the primary in Sugar Grove. Will it be enough? Who knows. But it's going to be interesting.


Jon said...

Michels' people are mostly for Wyatt and Lauzen's for Taylor.
Chris will win this one in a walk and Taylor over Wyatt in a reasonably close upset. The Sugar Grove thing is not what it appears in this case. Michels/Wyatt are mostly for Hatcher and Lauzen/Taylor are mostly for Wheeler.

OneMan said...

Yeah, I kind of got that impression from some other folks as well Jon.

I don't see how getting Taylor help Chris much, since it might increase Sugar Grove turnout which you would think help the mayor.

Dave Z said...

I am thinking there is going to be big money behind Michaels. Think Prairie Parkway. Think Hastert. Think about how Hastert teamed up with Oberweis to defeat Chris in the primary for the 14th congressional district in 2008.

I don't think these are coincidences.

Anonymous said...

I don't know much about Sean but I hope Lauzen is gone. His behavior last election was reprehensible. Chris gave us Foster by sending out a mailing soliciting funds for the 14th days before the actual election effectively signaling to his supporters that he intended to run again and NOT support Hastert. That was the message as much as Chris denies it. Anyways, I worked his campaign in the past but no more. It is time for Chris to go back to accounting.