Monday, November 23, 2009

Endorsements and the personal touch...

First some disclosure the township GOP organization I am a committeeman for does not as a rule, endorse in primaries and has never done so best I can recall.

Other township organizations however do chose to endorse as is well within their right. Lately there has been some speculation about how it seems that some township organizations seem to be endorsing more to the 'right' than in the past.

In my opinion this is less of an indication of the party moving to the right at the township level and more of the success of Proft and Andrzejewski in reaching out to committeemen at various events. For what it is worth a decent number of these folks have had a chance to talk with these guys a bit. Thats a big advantage when it comes time to getting an endorsement.

Don't get me wrong, Andy McKenna is a nice guy, but he just can't connect with your average committeeman. It's not that he doesn't run in the same circles as they do, but he never really has. I can be a bit hard on Andy but he just does not seem to be able to connect with people one on one.

Ryan was not really working it so to speak before he got into the race shortly before filing and it's been years since at least I have seen him at anything so he is working at a big disadvantage when it comes to township endorsements.

So when it comes right down to it, being early movers and showing up to a host of events before some of these other folks even got into the race has given Proft and Andrzejewski a big advantage. Committeemen as a general rule to take their roles seriously and want to get to know the candidates they are going to endorse. Some of the 'bigger names' have made that hard to do.

We will have to see if it works out for them come February.


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