Monday, November 30, 2009

Looking for financial information from the state...

Good luck with that.

I wanted to find out how late the state was in paying bills currently, rather logical question all things considered right now so I headed over to the web site of the state comptroller.

Can't find that information on the home page, so I figure I would enter the 'information warehouse'.

No luck there so then I find 'Fiscal Condition' that page contains this unreadable graph

If you can read that top scale, you are one up on me. I think it expresses cash flow relative to day of the fiscal year. Not 100% sure why that is all that useful.

So then you might want to take a look at General Revenue the first thing you will notice is that it is ordered by month, not grouped by year, but ordered by and grouped by month....

Brilliant! By month

Also if you download a month, lets say MarchFY09 the tab on the spreadsheet is labeled August 2007, again more Brilliancy from the comptrollers office.

Do you want a free suggestion Dan Hynes candidate for US Senate. If you want people to understand the budget problems this state has I would suggest you do the following.

Put right on the home page and update every day
  • How long it is taking the state to pay the average bill.
  • How long it is taking to pay medical providers
  • How much the state owes right now that is more than 60 days past due
  • How much the state owes right now that is more than 90 days past due
  • How much the state owes right now that is more than 120 days past due
  • The number of entities the state is more than 60 days past due with.
Put a link on the home page with the title 'Where is my money? A guide for entities owed money by the state of Illinois'

Break down the amount more than 90 past due owed by county and create a report on that every week, link on it from the page. Bet local papers all over the state would find that interesting.

List the top 10 or 20 entities the state is behind paying.

List the top 10 for each county the state owes money to, put that in a PDF every week with the amount owed and how long it is taking for the state to pay them. You would get a ton of local news stories. Stories with your name on them.

Make the numbers real, I am sure you have the data.


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