Tuesday, November 03, 2009

What does it say about video gaming in Illinois

When the proposed rules for video gaming are marked as 'emergency rules'.

SOURCE: Adopted by emergency rulemaking at 33 Ill. Reg. _______, effective _______, for a maximum of 150 days.

So the challenge becomes do you try and issue revenue bonds for the video poker money before the rules become non-emergency rules? If you do, it will likely have an impact on the bonds because they would be for a revenue stream that is defined at the time by rules that are not necessarily 'final'. Also the longer you take to implement the more government entities will have time to take a pass on the machines and the more that take a pass the greater reduction in potential revenue you are going to have.

The longer this all takes, the more impact it has on the bonding for the revenue.

The Rules
There are a few interesting rules....

Immediately remove all video gaming terminals from the restricted area of play i) upon order of the Board or an agent of the Board or ii) that have been out of service or otherwise inoperable for more than 72 hours;

So if a big ice storm takes power out for three days a video gaming terminal would have to be removed? If the network these things are going to communicate with goes down for 72 hours would the machines have to be removed? Could a serious issue with the central communication system cause a trigger to require every machine in the state to be removed from where it is located? Seems you have a bit of an issue here with the rules.

The owner, manager, or employee of the licensed video gaming location who is over 21 years of age shall be present during all hours of operation, and the video gaming terminals or the entrance to the video gaming terminal area must be within the view of at least one such owner, manager, or employee.

So you have to have at least 21 year old on duty at all times the machines are on...

Again you ask me the machines should be owned or at least operated by the lottery.


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